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Want to know how to make and distribute a truly 'no budget' feature film?

Let me show you what you can make in 6 days with 3 actors in one location and with a mere £10k budget (all in).
Our first feature film 'The Passenger' was shot entirely on GoPro 6 and has won 2 awards and been internationally released on VOD (including the USA).
The link to the website of the story of how we made this film is below and of course you can watch the film by typing in 'The Passenger' to all good VOD platforms:

Available on: AppleTV, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Store, inDemand (US/CA only),

If you want to know more, drop us a line and look out for our videos of how we did it and what we learned on our Guildhall Pictures Youtube Channel.


7 months ago