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How do you credit someone who fixes things in post?

Whilst editing my last film, there were two lads who I sent various clips to to have them fixed.

For example when we were filming, a car boot had been left open in shot and you could see all our equipment in it. These incredible VFX artists painted the boot shut.. A text message was filmed coming through on a phone but it said the wrong thing- they changed it. Tiny things were in shot that shouldn't have been- they took them out. A shot had been slightly distorted by the lens- they fixed the lens distortion.

You get my drift. They were amazing!

My problem is though, what credit should they have? I have someone down as VFX Artist because he sorted all the green screen stuff, and at the moment I have these boys down as 'Additional VFX' but is there a different credit that would be more suitable? I can't figure it out.

Many thanks,

2 years ago