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Any filmmakers in the West Midlands/Birmingham who want to collaborate?

Is anyone in Birmingham/the West Midlands interested in getting together to create a filmmaking collective? The goal will be to hone existing skills, build experience, and create showreels by working on shorts initially. Depending on how well we work together, we might consider developing more ambitious projects further on.

The post-Covid world might not look bright for the film industry (or any industry) and opportunities for up-and-coming filmmakers seem to have shrunk tenfold. This, however, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t seek to create our own opportunities.

DOPs, editors, sound recordists, boom operators, focus pullers, VFX artists, actors and actresses, set designers, make-up artists, story-board artists, film students, whatever you do, message me if interested:

About me: Budding screenwriter and script analyst who wants to find like-minded people to work with.

I look forward to hearing from you!

1 year ago