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Looking to set up a production company-looking for local thespians, crew, ideally locally. Beginners welcome. Filming to start soon.

We're looking for ambitious local actors, actresses, production crew, film, camera, editor, make-up etc to form a local group. We are based in Essex near Lakeside (Dartford Crossing) so north Kent and East London good too. People from further afield considered.
Trust and reliability are key to success too.
Anyone who can help with finance or getting films into festivals or distribution most welcome too.

About me:
I have been writing on and off for the past 20 years in my spare time.Work/mortgage and domestic commitments have got in the way of taking things to the next level.
I came runners-up in 2010 for Nokia Minimo:"take a famous line from a film and give a contemporary setting"-so I wrote and made 2 quick scenes- one from Pulp Fiction, the other from Gone With The Wind. We went to Cannes Lions 2010 as a prize. The same year at London Film Fest, I came runners-up with a Speed Dating film for Liptons Tea. I did two short films for Eharmony Dating exploring 'The meaning of love' that came runners-up too (Rome Film Festival:Mofilm). I also wrote a charity poetry book "Life Love Light & Loss" in 2010.
Currently, my Amazon shorts are doing ok and I have a few thousand Twitter followers.
We have loads of film equipment already but more can be welcome if needed.

My friend Rob is a seasoned and versatile actor as well as assistant in camera and production.

Due to full time work, I have done sod all last few years apart from writing scripts and shorts. I went to the Hollywood Pitch Festival 2016 but had no scripts written then. It was a great experience.

I have a diverse background and my stories and some of my comedy sketches are controversial and non-pc too. I do feel political correctness has gone too far and I want to make films that expose that as well as entertain. But thats in the future.

We (myself and Rob Messer) wish to start filming in next few weeks. First project is a teaser trailer for a sci-fi social comedy: a world where we have no communications...
Another short is a scifi romcom...

2 years ago