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What would you like to see from a British indie film podcast?

Hi guys: I've just started a small podcast production company (, mainly specialising in current affairs programming from a corporate perspective. So not particularly exciting to most of you! But I'm looking to launch a couple of original shows – so long as I can make them, at very least, cost neutral – including an indie film podcast, because it's something I'm interested in.

My idea for the show's format is to bring together two people who work in film but not in the same discipline (so a DOP and a writer, or a MUA and a VFX whizz...etc) for a conversation. At the start of each episode we'll look at a classic, iconic scene from cinema, just something short like the final lines of Casablanca or the opening of The Godfather, and talk through the workflow of how they would approach making that in the UK in 2018. The idea is that the scene would work as a lingua franca for the different disciplines, and give the listener a cultural anchor that means we can talk about indie work that they wouldn't necessarily be familiar with.

Does this sound good, or do you think this is overly complicated? I am a big fan of 3-way discussions, but possibly I am making this too convoluted and maybe all it needs is a couple of unrelated guests who can bounce off each other's experiences. Do let me know what you think and what you'd like to hear from an indie film podcast focused on the UK.

(And, of course, in my attempt to make this cost neutral, I am looking for partners and/or advertisers, so if you have any tips do feel free to inbox me here – thanks!)

2 years ago