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Shooting People
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Damien Swaby

Cinematographer, Producer, Line Producer, Producer - Artists Film/Video, Director, Artist Filmmaker, Commercials Director, Actor, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, DV Camera Operator, Editor, Distributor

Current Work Details

What I do


Technical Skills

Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Cameras etc

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

Sex Lies and Videotape, Medicine For Melancholy, Before Sunrise, Say Anything, Mo Better Blues, Manhattan and many more.

Directors I love

Barry Jenkins, Cameron Crowe, Spike Lee, Tony Scott, Richard Linklater

Actors I admire

Denzel Washington, Julia Roberts, James Spader, Ethan Hawke, Cuba Gooding Jr, Viola Davis

My desert island discs

(What's the Story) Morning Glory?

Books I have given my friends

Fail Up by Tavis Smiley, How I Made 1000 Movies and Never Lost A Dime - Roger Corman

My death row meal

Curry goat, rice n peas and coleslaw

The best thing I own

My 50mm Lecia Lens

More about me

I provide expert creative insight with production and technical know-how. Develop creative strategies for script writing and all components of producing pro- social videos. Managed budgets, schedules, and production resources. Responsible for managing the execution of independent films and several short films. Working as director, producer, writer, editor, and director of photography on many different types of works. Constantly creating an ever-growing catalog of films and photographs applicable to a variety of different media.

My Work & Credits