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Shooting People
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Matteo Zenini

Steady-cam Operator

Social Media and Film

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

The Last Emperor

I cried watching


I left the cinema during

I never left the Cinema.

Directors I love

Lynne Ramsay - Carol Morley - Miranda July - Sally Potter - Peter Greenaway -

Actors I admire

Luca Marinelli

Writers I respect

Miranda July - Carol Morley - Philip Pullman - Anthony Burgess - Jd Salinger - Octavia Butler - Frederick Douglass

My desert island discs

Moderat Volume 1

Books I have given my friends

Paper Girls - it's a comic novel. Not a book. But I gave it to someone I value. It tells the story of 4 Paper girls who travel accross time to save the world and discover their sexuality and empower their friendship

My death row meal

Pasta - Obviously

The best thing I own

A Skateboard

My Work & Credits