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Laurie Waplington

Producer, Writer, Script Editor, 1st Assistant Director, Production Manager.

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2023 - 2023
BECTU, Creative Safety Passport
2023 - 2023
Theamata, First Aid


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Paper Straws

About: Writer, director, producer and 1st AD (to name the big ones) - it's not easy shooting in a pandemic, even less so when there's a limit on the number of crew allowed on set. My solution was to take on more roles than most people would consider sensible.

Greenlit by The Roundhouse Camden in January 2019, this film was postponed time and time again by the 2020 pandemic, and finally shot in March 2021

This slightly surreal dramedy follows a niave eco-warrior fashion designer as she pitches her eco-friendly clothes to a massive multinational - Gobble Gobble Inc. Hoping to save the world, she quickly finds that the company is more interested in capturing the eco-market than actually making a difference

To be screened at Roundhouse's Last Word Festival in 2021