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Shooting People
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Jennifer Butterfield

Production Assistant, Runner, Camera Production Assistant, Camera Assistant, Personal Assistant, Film Lover

Current Work Details

Technical Skills

Production Assistant on two short films


Paid Work or Collaboration



Technical College,
Certificate II in Screen, Completion


Technical College,
Certificate III in Screen, Completion


Independent Film School,
Certificate in Filmmaking, Completion

Shooters Q&A

I cried watching

Lion King, Seven Years a Slave, Moonlight

Directors I love

Steven Spielberg Greta Gerwig Ida Lupino

Actors I admire

Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Jim Carrey

Writers I respect

Emily Andras

My desert island discs

Frank Sinatra, Pink, Beach Boys

My death row meal

Steak, chips and salad

The best thing I own

Record player