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Shooting People
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Anthony Hett

Writer, Director

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City University London,
MA Creative Writing (Plays & Screenplays), MA with Merit

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Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

Stand By Me, Love Me If You Dare.

I cried watching

Prefontaine - what can I say, sporting films get me haha

I left the cinema during

I haven't but there have been times when I wanted to... To Rome With Love, The Producers.

Directors I love

Shane Meadows, Pedro Almodovar.

Actors I admire

Paul Newman, Joseph Gilgun Sam Rockwell, Kate Winslet, Adam Goldberg, Giovanni Ribisi, Paul Giamatti, Vicky McClure.

Writers I respect

Jimmy McGovern, John Hughes.

Books I have given my friends

High Fidelity. The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving.

My death row meal

Either a burger and a milkshake or lobster and a milkshake?

My Work & Credits