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Barry Staff

Great Britain, South East

About Me:

Where I work: I am an individual working from home
Technical Skills: Problem solving

My Work and Credits:

CNUT (2020)

About: Stop-motion short

Fun stuff:

Films I wish I had made:

The1940s? His Girl Friday (all that politics); My Darling Clementine (all that love); The Third Man (all that human nature).
The 21st c?: The Tree of Life; There Will Be Blood; Eternal Sunshine. . .; Pan's Labyrinth; The Big Short; Snowpiercer; Hell or High Water; Elle; Poor Things.

I cried watching:

Dune. I can take only so much pain.

I left the cinema during:

Dune. I can take only so much guff (and American accents in a dim future!), despite the brilliant sound and images.

Directors I love:

Active: Anderson (Wes), Denis, Gerwig, Glazer, Herzog, Lanthimos Joon-ho, Malick, Ramsay, Verhoeven, Villeneuve.

Actors I admire:

Lee Marvin. James Caan. Tilda Swinton. Samantha Morton. Ryan Gosling.

Writers I Respect:

Jean-Claude Carrière, the Coens, Dudley Nichols, Mankiewicz (Herman) - latter not least for getting Ben Hecht to Hollywood

My desert island discs:

Those in my vertebrae

Books I have given my friends:

'A Season in Hell
' - as a loan. 20 years on, he claims it's been his all along. Any reason in hell why I can't borrow it?

My death row meal:

A fig - to be devoured as in Women in Love (1969).

The best thing I own:

Sanity - in a crazy world. Or am I just deluded?