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Shooting People
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Daniel Keegan


Current Work Details

Social Media and Film

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

Good Will Hunting/Jerry Maguire

I cried watching

The ending of Forrest Gump

Directors I love

Cameron Crowe/Ridley Scott/Nathan Morlando

Actors I admire

Tom Cruise/Michael Fassbender/Anthony Hopkins

Writers I respect

Cameron Crowe/Jonathon Nolan/Ryan Grassby/John Logan/X files writing staff

My desert island discs

Tracy Chapman/Kings of Leon/Semisonic/Tom Petty

Books I have given my friends

Digital Fortress-Dan Brown

My death row meal

Lamb chops with mint sauce, mashed potatoes and Broccoli

More about me

i'm a Film and Television graduate who specialises in writing for the screen and am looking for the chance to be read with the possibility of being produced.