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Daniel Smith


About Me:


2014 - 2017
University of Stirling, English Literature & Film and Media

My Work and Credits:

I Know What You're Going to Say (2020)

About: Long listed for Kenneth Branagh New Drama Writing Award 2021


Fun stuff:

Films I wish I had made:

Good Time, You Were Never Really Here, Network

I cried watching:

Leave No Trace.

Directors I love:

Martin McDonagh, Lynne Ramsay, Sidney Lumet

Actors I admire:

Viola Davis, Brendan Gleeson

Writers I Respect:

David Mamet, August Wilson, Coen Brothers

My desert island discs:

Doolittle, Good Kid Maad City, Ain't That Good News

Books I have given my friends:

To The Lighthouse, Factotum, Confederacy of Dunces

My death row meal:

Mum's chicken soup and crusty bread.

The best thing I own:

A signed copy of Catch-22. I don't give that to friends.