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Shooting People
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Ellin Stein

Script Editor

Great Britain , London

Current Work Details

What I do

Provide clear and constructive feedback to help writers' scripts be the best they can be


Solid Script Services


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Where I work

I run my own company or organisation

Technical Skills

Strong creative and analytical skills

Resources / Expertise

Industry experience with companies including Zoetrope, New Line and Miramax UK. Past clients include Tiger Aspect and DNA Films, as well as many individual Shooters. I currently teach screenwriting at Goldsmiths, University of London, City University (London), and the Central School of Speech and Drama.


Paid Work Only

My Links

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

ALL ABOUT EVE, THIS IS SPINAL TAP (I know, it was improvised), several zillion others

I cried watching

TERMS OF ENDEARMENT. Yes, it's a tearjerker. Yes, it worked.

I left the cinema during

THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT - well, didn't leave so much as fell asleep. Would probably leave most Adam Sandler movies and violent gore flicks if I went to them in the first place

Directors I love

Howard Hawks, Michael Powell, Billy Wilder, Preston Sturges, Stephen Frears, David Lean, Todd Haynes, Chris Guest, Spike Lee, Amy Heckerling, Richard Linklater, several zillion others

Actors I admire

Too many to list

Writers I respect

Anyone who gives it the old college try

My desert island discs

I don't know, but whatever it is, it's got to be funky

Books I have given my friends

What Is The What

My death row meal

cake with a file in it

The best thing I own

MacBook Pro, to which I have outsourced my brain

My Work & Credits

  • Theatre default play

    Nancy With An 'N'

    My role: Writer

  • Film default play

    The Secretary File

    My role: Director/Producer

  • Film default play

    Debate of the Dead

    My role: Writer