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Shooting People
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Francesca Chiffi


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Films I wish I had made

Lost in Translation, Inception, Good Night Mummy, Victoria, The Keeper of Lost Causes...

I cried watching

Life is Beautiful, The Fall, The Bridge

I left the cinema during

Don't really do that, but might occasionally doze off...

Directors I love

Winterbottom, Spielberg, Nolan, Coens, Sofia Coppola, Joe Wright...

Actors I admire

Martin Freeman, Marion Cotillard, Sofia Helin, Keeley Hawes, Noomi Rapace, Eva Green, Ruth Wilson, Dane Dehaan, Sally Hawkins, Toby Jones...

Writers I respect

Ricky Gervais, Reece Shearsmith & Steve Pemberton and the ones that write those amazing Nordic Noirs...

My desert island discs

Anything Vivaldi, Toto: Africa :-)

My death row meal

Pasta & pizza + red wine and ice cream