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Heather McQuaid

Screenwriter, Producer.

About Me:

Where I work: I run my own company or organisation


My Work and Credits:

A Positive Contribution (2023)

About: A dystopian drama.

The concept: In the near future, criminals are given a choice - go to prison or get their memories wiped and replaced with fictional ones so they can make a positive contribution to society. A doctor at the Memory Replacement Institute realises her past life was erased when a patient claiming to be her wife begs her to save their daughter.


Fun stuff:

Films I wish I had made:

Shawshank Redemption, The Princess Bride, Alien. From TV: Barry, Mindhunter, Better Call Saul, Ozark, Mare of Easttown

Directors I love:

David Fincher, Jane Campion, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Bill Hader, Rob Reiner

Writers I Respect:

Michael Chabon, Bill Hader, Gillian Flynn & Marti Noxon, Charlie Kaufman, Stephen King