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Shooting People
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Kal Bonner

Writer, Director, Artist Filmmaker

Great Britain , Channel Islands

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I write and direct


Yum Yum Films


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Films I wish I had made

Withnail and I,Some Like it Hot,Sunset Boulevard,Rosemary's Baby,Auntie Mame,All About Eve,Duck Soup,The Out of Towners (1970),Ed Wood,Its a Wonderful Life,Dog Day Afternoon, The Producers(1968),Rushmore,The War of the Roses,Harvey,Midnight Cowboy,One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Front Page, St Trinian's (1954) and (1957), Kind Hearts and Coronets, Passport to Pimlico,The Usual Suspects,Kes,Overboard,The Odd Couple,His Girl Friday,Harold and Maude,The Heartbreak Kid (1972),Four Lions,Life of Brian, A Matter of Life or Death, When Harry Met Sally

I cried watching

E.T - you are made of stone if you haven't cried when the little fella with the big finger sods off back to space.

I left the cinema during

I'm far too tight-fisted to leave the cinema.

Directors I love

Frank Capra,Billy Wilder,William Wyler,Hitchcock,Scorsese,Sergio Leone,Wes Anderson, Damien Chazelle, Alan Parker, Stephen Frears

Actors I admire

Bette Davis,Rosalind Russell,Cary Grant,Jack Lemmon,Alastair Sim,Kevin Spacey,Pete Postlethwaite,Cate Blanchett,Judi Dench,Helen Mirren,Goldie Hawn,Robert De Niro,Al Pacino,Jack Nicholson,Groucho Marx,Oliver Reed,Dustin Hoffman,James Stewart,Gary Oldman,Maggie Smith, Morgan Freeman, Julie Walters

Writers I respect

Billy Wilder, I.A.L Diamond, Neil Simon,Agatha Christie,Oscar Wilde,Hunter S Thompson,Woody Allen,Truman Capote,Richard Curtis,Dostoevsky,Eddie Braben,Dorothy Parker,Bruce Robinson,Armando Iannucci,Groucho Marx,F.Scott Fitzgerald,Charles Dickins,Chris Morris,Kurt Vonnegut, Shakespeare, Tom Sharpe

My desert island discs

Anything by Frank Sinatra,Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday.Although a disc of instructions on how to get off a desert island would be good.

Books I have given my friends

Catch 22, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Groucho Letters,The Great Gatsby

My death row meal

Chips - I suppose there'd be no worrying about size zero where I was going.

The best thing I own

My life - although there has been some debate over the ownership of my soul.

More about me

I've written and directed three short films - THE SAFEST PLACE FOR FRUIT IS IN CARMEN MIRANDA'S HAT, UNDER A VEST & HOWARD MARKS AND THE LANCE OF DESTINY. They've all screened worldwide. You can check my IMDb page for all screenings and listings of awards they picked up. I've had two feature scripts under option and in 2017 arrived in the top 6% Nicholl Academy Fellowship, was a Final Draft Quarter Finalist and a Semi Finalist in the 42nd Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay 2018

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My Work & Credits

  • play

    Under A Vest

    My roles: Writer, Director

    Production company
    Yum Yum Films
  • play

    The Safest Place For Fruit Is In Carmen Miranda's Hat

    My role: Writer

    Production company
    Yum Yum Films
  • play

    Howard Marks and The Lance of Destiny

    My roles: Writer, Director

    Production company
    Yum Yum Films