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Luca Martins

Camera Operator, Stills Photographer, Runner, Camera Assistant

Current Work Details

What I do

Camera Operator/Videographer/Lighting Technician/Skateboarder.


Delphino Productions & Pinewood MBS Lighting.

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Where I work

I run my own company or organisation

Technical Skills

I have technical and practical skills in setting up DSLR and semi-pro cameras, lenses, tripods, and camera settings. I have experience with software such as Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and Photoshop. Ever since I've started working at Pinewood MBS Lighting, as a lighting technician, I've learned how to test several types of lights ranging from Fresnel all the way to LED, and distribution boxes that split and distribute power into the lights. Learning and testing Cinema lights have given me the ability to understand what lights productions most commonly use. I've also learnt what textiles and gels are used on set. The practical and technical skills, I've acquired will come in handy when working on any future productions.


Paid Work or Collaboration

Social Media and Film

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

Enter the Void by Gaspar NoƩ.

I cried watching

Spirited Away.

I left the cinema during

The Girl On the Train.

Directors I love

Spike Jonze, Spike Lee, and Stanley Kubrick.

Actors I admire

Denzel Washington, Ellen Page,jamel debbouze, Danny DeVito, Christopher Lloyd.