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Mark Brown

Script Editor, Director.
Great Britain, London

About Me:

Where I work: I run my own company or organisation
Technical Skills: Final Draft


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Dead on the Vine (2022)

About: Dead on the Vine is a thriller feature that, along with producer Laura Rees and DOP Kieran Clark, was produced during lockdown. Events converged to present us with a one off, now or never, opportunity to make this film. So we took it. We managed to gather a brilliant cast and crew who were all reeling from the effects of Covid on our industry and we came together to make a great film.
It had its world premiere at Kevin Smith's inaugural Smodcastle Film Festival in Dec '22 where it won Best Picture, Best Actor (Tom Sawyer) and Best Ensemble.
We had our UK Premiere at the BIFA qualifying Unrestricted View Film Festival in London where we took home Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor (Tom Sawyer) and Best Actress (Shereener Browne). Victoria Johnston and David Whitney were both nominated in the acting categories also.

It has recently been acquired by Dark Arts Entertainment for distribution.

Fun stuff:

Films I wish I had made:

The Crow, The Princess Bride, Henry Fool, Fight Club, Memento, Highlander, Sullivans Travels, Barton Fink, Wake In Fright.

I left the cinema during:

Never have.

Directors I love:

Hal Hartley, Christopher Nolan, Preston Struges, Tarantino, Scorcese, Orson Welles, Francois Ozon, Michael Haneke, Fincher, John Landis, Ted Kotcheff, Ari Aster.

Actors I admire:

Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Brad Pitt, Paul Newman, James Urbaniak, Thomas Jay Ryan, Paddy Considine,

Writers I Respect:

Christopher McQuarrie, Tarantino, William Goldman, Preston Sturges, Charlie Kaufman.

My desert island discs:

Grace - Jeff Buckley, Pump - Aerosmith, Master Of Puppets - Metallica, VAST - Vast, Korn - Korn

Books I have given my friends:

The Bottoms - Joe R. Lansdale, American Psycho - Brett Easton Ellis, The Wind Up Bird Chronicles - Haruki Murakami, The Fog - James Herbert, Leviathan - Paul Auster.

My death row meal:

Grans Sunday Lunch

The best thing I own:

My DVD/Blu Ray collection