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Oscar Sharp

Great Britain, London

About Me:

Technical Skills: FCP, XHA1


My Work and Credits:

Sign Language (2010)



Fun stuff:

I cried watching:

The Piano Teacher (because it was almost perfect), Mr Hollands Opus (I know, I know - but that end bit in the hall before the godawful symphony just... ach... proves the power of resolutions in public I guess), Millions (like a baby), Brokeback Mountain (not exactly true there - I didn't cry watching it - but after about two days of feeling incredibly tense I exploded like a geyser of sorrow)

Actors I admire:


Writers I Respect:


My desert island discs:


Books I have given my friends:

Godel Escher Bach, The Neverending Story, Hitchikers Guide to The Galaxy Radio Series

My death row meal:

Full-costume recreation of the last supper

The best thing I own:

I have a LOT of beloved unnecessary things.