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Peter Steele

Storyboard Artist, Cinematographer, Composer, Producer/Director.

About Me:


Peter Steele has written three novellas, a collection of short stories and fourteen collections of poems released under the psuedonym Aeon X Syntronica. His short stories & poems have been published in over 200 anthologies including two published by the multi-award winning USA publication The Horror Zine edited by Jeani Rector and he has been short-listed twice for The Forward Prize. He has also composed, recorded and produced 20 albums. He has written many short and full length screenplays and his scripts have been described as "Highly Professional" by The Oxford University Filmmaking Foundation (OUFF).

He is presently working on his first movie "Serial Killer" and is looking for an Executive Producer. He is also looking for a Director or Producer or Executive Producer interested in other projects he has in the pipeline - check on "production" select "script pitch" and click on "horror" for details.