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Shooting People
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Sam Seal

Editor, Producer, Director, Writer

Great Britain , London

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What I do

Make Telly




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Resources / Expertise

Avid, Photoshop, After effects and Cubase


Sorry: I am too busy



BBC and London West End edit facilities.,
Making telly., Native cunning and local knowledge.

Social Media and Film

My Links

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

The Sound of Music. Pretty good ratio of investment to return!

I cried watching

Almost everything, these days, for one reason or another.

I left the cinema during

Prospero's Books. Dreadful and unintentional bringing to life of the first act of the Emperor's New Clothes. And Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence, to have a big fight with the cinema manager for my and everyone else in the theatre's money back, because it was being projected so badly. Really badly - the perforations were running through the sound gate and all you could hear was a buzzing and the sound in the background somewhere. I got about 50 people sets of complementary tickets. Good times.

Directors I love

Ridley Scott, for Blade Runner and Alien and Gladiator... he's quite good isn't he?

Actors I admire

Too many to list. Acting is tough. Why do they do it? I wouldn't want to.

Writers I respect

Ah, so we love directors, but we respect writers? Thanks for setting that in stone, shootingpeople. Sorkin and Peter Morgan, and the Pixar guys? They're pretty respectable.

My desert island discs

I have so many discs, I could build a boat with them.

Books I have given my friends

God is Not Great, by Christopher Hitchens, and The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett

My death row meal

Humble pie, my words and my hat.

The best thing I own

I got burgled one time and realised that defining yourself through things you own is not a smart move. When someone takes them all away, you're still you.

More about me

Suggested questionnaire question: What is quality?

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