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Shooting People
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Stefan Parker

Director, Producer

Current Work Details

What I do

Direct and write


Short Pictures


Where I work

I work for a company or organisation

Technical Skills

Strong technical knowledge in FCPX/FCP7, Premiere Pro, Final Draft/CELTX & Movie Magic, with good working knowledge in camera operation including Sony EX3, JVC HD cameras and DSLR Canon 5D Mark iii. Strong working knowledge in all Microsoft packages.


Paid Work or Collaboration



Met Film School,
Part Time Filmmaking, Skills-based training certificate


Bournemouth University,
MA in Filmmaking, Merit

My Links

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

Too many to list. Everything from Battleship Potemkin to Grand Budapest Hotel

I cried watching

What Dreams May Come

I left the cinema during

Never. Who would leave a cinema if they paid for a ticket. We're in a recession!

Directors I love

Kurosawa, Griffith, Lubitsch, Satyajit Ray, Kenji Mizoguchi, Scorsese, Kubrick, Anderson, Coen…too many to consider. The thinkers and cinematic dreamers who live in the veil of celluloid.

Actors I admire


Writers I respect

From Chaplin to Milius to Wilder to Koepp.

My desert island discs

I'd have an 'i-infinity' - a gadget I just made up that possesses all the music of the world in one portable and everlasting device.

Books I have given my friends

Perhaps the texts of Abraham (Quran, Bible and Talmud), so they could edit them into one simple three-page manual on the definitive religion.

My death row meal

A cake with a metal file and a shiv.

The best thing I own

Oxygen. Though technically it doesn't belong to me, I feel a personal bond out of necessity with this element.

My Work & Credits