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Andi Reiss

Producer, Editor, Writer, Director, Producer, Camera Operator, Film Lover

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What I do

Producer/Director (writer/cam op and editor)




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Where I work

I am an individual working from home

Technical Skills

Producing, Financial Structuring, Line Production, Directing, DV Self Shooting/Directing, Camera, Editing (FCP/Avid), After Effects and Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, DVD Creation, Guest Lecturing in Film and Media.

Resources / Expertise

Full Production


Paid Work Only



National Film and Television School,
TV Production

My Links

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

Documentaries:- When We Were Kings F For Fake Profit Motive And The Whispering Wind Man On Wire Senna The Up Series Capturing The Friedmans Bowling For Columbine Lake Of Fire Crumb Grizzly Man Don't Look Back The War Game Hearts And Minds Features:- Nazarin, Mullholland Drive,My Name is Joe, Brazil,Erin Brokovich,The Player, Heavenly Creatures, The Killing Fields - an eclectric collection,but films with extraordinary performances at the core of each of them.

I cried watching

the bad takes on Cargo, my first feature.

I left the cinema during

Never have

Directors I love

Bunuel, Lynch, Gilliam, Loach, Soderburgh

Actors I admire

John Hurt,Tim Robbins,Peter Mullen, Angelina Jolie, Rachel Weiz,Daniela Nardini, to name but a few.

Writers I respect

David Mamet Paul Laverty Billy Wilder Woody Allen Fererico Fellini Kenneth Elton Kevin Pacey

My desert island discs

Audrey's Song from Lynch's Twin Peaks

Books I have given my friends

The Dice Man The Secret History Slaughterhouse-Five

My death row meal

Cyanide Fondue

The best thing I own

Freedom of choice.

More about me

Camera skills with: Sony EX3 and EX1, Canon 5D mkiii, Canon C 300/500 and XF 305, Red and Arri Alexa. Software skills with: Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Avid, Pro Tools, Macromedia, Movie Magic and EP Budgeting. Writing experience includes: 12 screenplays, 6 documentaries, 10 television presentations, commercial, corporate and digital content, stand up monologues and film/media production masterclasses. Born at an early age in the urbanised parish of Watford, Andi Reiss first earned any money as a writer and cartoonist whilst studying in Cardiff. Providing stand up scripts, best man speeches and cartoons for local newspapers seemed a fairly self sufficient start which made his mum happy, but with a fascination and passion for factual content he ventured into film, television and commercial production in London in 1993. He is a producer by chance and fortune, a director by inclination and a writer by default and has been making films, documentaries, commercials, online virals and music videos since 1999. Having travelled extensively, he is practically skilled in self shooting, line producing, editing, script writing, development, sales and distribution. Once described by a national newspaper at Cannes as a ‘fearless and versatile voice’, he has won awards for his factual content and docu-drama and his most recent projects have been one off documentaries. 2010 – 2012 (freelance assignments) Senior Series Producer/Director, Bigfoot Ent, Philippines (September – December 2012) Creative Director, Resolution Productions, Qatar (May – September 2012) Producer/Self Shooting Director/Editor, ‘Positively False’ – documentary (2011/2012) Producer/Self Shooting Director/Editor, ‘Amazing Grace’ – documentary (2011) Producer/Self Shooting Director/Editor, ‘Alongside Africa’ – documentary (2011) Producer/Self Shooting Director/Editor, EMC3 (2010/2102: multimedia shows and events) Producer/Self Shooting Director/Editor, YPO (2010/2102: TED digital education) Feature Development Producer, TDP Ltd (2010: feature films) Film and Media Lecturer, London Academy of Media (ongoing) Film and Media Lecturer, SAE, Oxford (ongoing) 2000 – 2010 Andi ran his own small independent production company for over a decade. Yellow Media Entertainment produced two feature films and over 100 hours of digital and non broadcast content entirely in house. He worked in feature production development, script writing and creating business and finance plans (through EIS), and has been involved in countless projects in a mulitude of roles; creating documentaries, charity films, digital promos, music videos, commercials, educational, business and medical virals and shows for live multimedia events and museums. With any small organisation the daily work was varied. Aswell as being creative and technically competent, Andi has extensive management practice and a proven track record of utilising leadership and people skills. He is confident and capable in a variety of areas of broadcast and multimedia content production and has worked in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, China, Australasia and the US. Responsibilities included:- new business development (writing,pitching, budgeting, scheduling). building strong, trustworthy bonds with clients. developing key relationships with existing and new contacts. ensuring an outstanding final product is delivered on time, within budget and on brief. being a stickler for excellent attention to detail. maintaining oodles of original creative flair and motivation. project managing film/video and digital production. overseeing post production. advising on marketing. ensuring the smooth-running of any given project. supporting and enthusing collaboration. Clients included Oxfam, World Vision, Alongside Africa, University of Oxford, Meditel Productions, Seven Arts, L’Oreal, Barclay’s, KPMG, Michelin, RBS, Visit Scotland, UK Trade and Industry, The Falcon Group, NYU Stern, London School of Business and the Young Presidents Organisation (YPO).

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