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Shooting People
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Ivan Francis Clements

Director, Writer, Producer, Camera Operator

Great Britain , London

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Sony A7s 3 Sony A7r 4 Sony FE 135mm f1.8 G Master Lens Sony FE 85mm f1.4 G Master Lens Sigma 35mm f1.2 DG DN Art Lens Sony FE 20mm f1.8 G Master Lens Atomos Ninja V Field Monitor AtomX Sync Ultrasync BLUE Zoom H6 + F6 field recorders 2 x Sennheiser AVX ME2 1 x Sennheiser AVX MKE2 Anglebird Atom X SSD mini Anglebird 128gb SD card x 2 Sigma MC-21 Mount Converter - Canon to L mount Steadicam Zolinder XT1800 with vest and arm Ronin-S Gimble Steadimate-s Manfrotto 055CXPRO4 Carbon Fibre Tripod + XPRO Head and 200PL Plate Rode Video Mic Pro


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Films I wish I had made

It's a Wonderful Life, Star Wars 4-6 ONLY!, Raging Bull, Apocalypse Now, Deer Hunter, Godfather I & II, American Splendor, All The President's Men, The Conversation, As Good As It Gets, Lawrence Of Arabia, A Few Good Men, Disclosure, Erin Brokovich, My Cousin Vinny, The Hunt For Red October, Three Days of the Condor, Spy Game, Little Miss Sunshine, Borat, Gran Torino, Innocent Movies, Class Action, Saturday Night Sunday Morning, Look Back In Anger, 2001, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Amadeus, Dexter, The Man In The High Castle, Californication

I cried watching

The Notebook, My Cousin Vinny, Erin Brokovich, Moulin Rouge, ET, Class Action, Life Itself

I left the cinema during

Van Helsing (painfully bad acting), Bride & Prejudice (awful)

Directors I love

Spielberg, Lean, Kubric, Soderberg, Bogdanovich, Ron Howard, both Scotts, Woddy Allen, Jean-Jaque Beineix, Eastwood, Costner, Nancy Myers, Lucas, Darrabont, Milos Forman

Actors I admire

Peter O'Toole, Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Helen Mirren, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt, Kevin Costner, Di Caprio, Woody Allen, Paul Giamatti, Gerrard Depardieu, Jean-Huues Anglade, Tom Cruise, Steve Martin

Writers I respect

Robert Kiyosaki, Bill Bryson, Robert Heinlein, Frank Darabont, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris

My desert island discs

Dry Your Eyes, Rubber Soul, Girl, Imagine, Perfect 10

Books I have given my friends

Jumped out of Airplain, Wearing Dad's Head, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Killer Life, The 4 Hour Work Week, Kick The Drink Easily!

My death row meal

Strawberries and cream served on pum pum

The best thing I own

My Brain, though my second favourite organ (thanks Woody)

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Voice Over, Improvisation, Comedy