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Shooting People
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jamie j johnson


Great Britain , London

Current Work Details

What I do

Director, camera, animation




Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

Isle of Flowers, Spinal Tap, Best In Show, Little Miss Sunshine, Stand By Me, Wall E (first half of), Me and You and Everyone We Know, Any Simpsons episode.

I cried watching

Maid In Manhatten... (I was heavily sedated and in Hospital at the time), Blind Young Things, We Are Together, Young At Heart, Wall E, Waltz With Bashir.

I left the cinema during

Iron Man

Directors I love

kim longinotto, rob reiner, Amy Heckerling, lee kern,

Actors I admire

J Lo

Writers I respect

Kurt Vonnegut

My desert island discs

my mini personal radio... is that allowed?

Books I have given my friends

Peanuts Golden Anniversary. No One Belongs Here More Than You. Breakfast Of Champions. The Philosophy of Andy Warhol : (From A to B and Back Again).

My death row meal

something homecooked by one of my best friends... or a KFC 'mom's night off' family bucket

The best thing I own

stupidly naive optimism

More about me

I've just finished my first feature, it's called 'Sounds Like Teen Spirit' + is the epic behind the scenes story of the Junior Eurovision. It might make you smile + remind you how exciting it is to be ten years old again. It's going to be in cinemas in may. Shooters founder Jess Search made it all possible... I owe her big.

My Work & Credits