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Jasen Quick

Writer, Screenwriter

Great Britain , South West

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Writer, historian, public speaker


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Films I wish I had made

Highlander II. I would have kept Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert but changed everything else. In my version Highlander discovers that "the prize" wasn't really worth waiting four hundred years to win, especially since he lost a lot of friends to get it. So he goes back to his antique shop and gives Rachel the bad news about her newly inherited shop, which he wants back. He uses his power to influence all scientists into developing a time machine. Then he goes back in time and visits all his friends to tell them that the prize isn't worth losing your head over. He kills his old self to stop Ramirez from meeting the Kurgan and being killed. Killing himself does not create a paradox, because quantum physics has it covered. M-theory allows Highlander to change the future and live happily ever after.

I left the cinema during

The end credits of most films.

Directors I love

Ridley Scott, Alfred Hitchcock, Mike Cahill, Chris Nolan, Richard Donner, plus many more.

Actors I admire

Pete O'Toole

Writers I respect

Mike Cahill

My desert island discs

Too many to mention. This also depends on my mood.

Books I have given my friends

The Significant Deaths of Cage and Constance

My death row meal

Fava beans and a nice Chianti.

The best thing I own

I originally put "my imagination" but it occurred to me that every other writer will do the same. So I have now elevated my drum set to the top of the list of things I own.

More about me

Upon leaving school I sacrificed my dream to do what was practical. Have spent the rest of my life trying to make up for that.

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