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Lee Kern

Great Britain , London

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Twinklebum UK


Where I work

I run my own company or organisation

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Films I wish I had made

Honey I Shrunk The Kids, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Steptoe and Son in Marakesh, The Mighty Ducks.

I cried watching

Big Brother series one to six, any episode of Harry Hill, anything in which Chris Evans has had either an on-screen or behind the scenes role, Vernon Kaye doing his Doritos advert.

Directors I love

The directors who make the McDonalds "I'm Loving It" adverts.

Actors I admire

People in the KFC "Got chicken, got soul" adverts.

My desert island discs

Play that funky music -Leonard Cohen.

Books I have given my friends

Meg and Mog do Amsterdam, What a mess goes to rehab, Where the Wild Ones Are (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder edition)

My death row meal

Uranium. Hopefully the volt of current mixed with uranium would somehow combine to give me super-powers and make me "Electric Man" - although i'd probably just shit my pants and die like the others, (albeit with an added touch of radiation poisoning and vomit dribbled on my chest).

The best thing I own

A magic stone.

More about me

If i can be half as broken as Jimmy Stewart at the end of Vertigo - my life would have been worthwhile.

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