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Melissa McCarthy

Great Britain , London

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I am an individual working from home


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Films I wish I had made

Don't Look Back by D.A. Pennebaker, Ali - the Greatest by William Klein, The Battle of Algiers by Pontecorvo, Point Break with Keanu Reeves, Transformer by A Cattin and P Kostomarov, Zidane: a Portrait of the 21st Century by D Gordon and P Parreno, Svyato by Viktor Kossakovsky. Fleisch!, a horror movie starring Donald Sutherland.

I cried watching

most things. Scorsese's Bob Dylan documentary.

I left the cinema during

Straub-Huillet's Une visite au Louvre. Don’t ask.

Directors I love

John Huston, Leon Gast, the great Werner Herzog. Alex Cox.

Actors I admire

Peter Cushing, Christopher Walken, Keanu. Prof Ian Christie, who is not an actor but a film expert at Birkbeck College, but there is no category in SP cards for those. Nor for DVD distributors; Second Run films are good. I’m making a claim here for the idea that a film culture requires more than filmmakers alone: distributors, festivals, commissioning editors, audiences, patrons, scholars etc can all help to shape and develop the art form.

My desert island discs

Do It Twice by Bob Marley, Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet, Here I Am Baby by Marcia Griffiths, Bob Dylan back catalogue. Marilyn Manson’s cover of I Put a Spell on You.

Books I have given my friends

Get Your Documentary Funded and Distributed by Jess Search and Melissa McCarthy. Remainder by Tom McCarthy. Biggest Elvis by PF Kluge. You are the Ref. Mouse Trouble by John Yeoman and Quentin Blake.

My death row meal

Macaroni, with mushrooms.

The best thing I own

books and football boots

More about me

After education in English, then in Urban Studies, I worked for documentary production company Soul Purpose before taking some time away to be a social policy researcher while arranging arts projects in a range of fields, before returning to the doc fold. For a couple of years I worked for the Documentary Filmmakers Group, curating the Wellcome Trust-funded series Pain: Documentaries and Discussion and The Face on Film. For DocHouse, I chaired Q&As and introduced screenings on the DocHistory course. For the Oxford Amnesty Lectures, I was curator of the film series City Films and Movement of the People; and for the Imperial War Museum, on the judging panel for their student film competition. For SP, I’ve organized and compered screenings and Q&As with doc filmmakers at venues all over London, including sessions with Kevin Macdonald, Nick Broomfield etc. Otherwise, I collaborate on art projects such as the International Necronautical Society, and I write fiction. My Zulu language skills are coming along, slowly.

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