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Shooting People
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Mohammed Tahir

Director, Editor, Writer

Great Britain , East England

Current Work Details

What I do



DreamValley Productions Ltd


01353 780 103


Where I work

I run my own company or organisation

Technical Skills

Producing, Writing, Directing, Camera, Editing, DVD Authoring, Video Compression, Website Design, Configuring PC's...

Resources / Expertise

I own a full Arri SRII Super 16mm kit: built-in PAL video assist, Zeiss Super16 zoom, filters, mattebox etc. Just about everything you need to shoot a film. A Super 8mm camera. A Sony DSR-PC8E DV camera. Avid Media Composer with Analog Mojo for editing. Full range of compression, special effects and DVD authoring tools for DVD/Blu-Ray. Digi002 Rack and ProTools for audio work.


Paid Work or Collaboration


Two-day film school by Dov S-S Simens

Screenwriting course held by Elliot Grove

Raindance Film Festival seminars in Financing Strategies; Packaging and Deal Making; and Digital Effects

Cinematographers Lab held by James Solan

I went to the Cannes Film Festival/Film Market - an education in itself!

Super 16mm Tests to understand how best to use the film/digital process

Digital Departures Masterclass, Producing Micro-budget Feature Films with Chris Collins

Film in a HD Environment by Soho Editors in partnership with Film London East

The Director Prepares by Harvey Frost

Funding Your Short Film by Rebecca Knapp

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

Any of the David Lean and Sergio Leone films.

I cried watching

Pans Labyrinth.

I left the cinema during

Never. Believe it or not, I even stayed to the end of 'The Flinstones'.

Directors I love

David Lean, Emeric Pressbuger & Michael Powell, Hitchcock, Sergio Leone, Don Siegal, Terence Malick, Walter Hill, Ridley Scott, Tim Burton, Martin Scorsese.

Actors I admire

Charlie Chaplin, Carry Grant, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Deborah Kerr, Alex Guiness, Peter O'Toole, Gian Maria Volonte, Sidney Poitier, Rod Steiger, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Al Pacino, Michael J Fox, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe.

Writers I respect

Robert Bolt

My desert island discs

The Planets by Gustav Holst.

My death row meal

Curry with naan and some coke.

The best thing I own

My ability to see everything in pictures.

More about me

Two of my short screenplays got into the top 6% in the world's largest short screenplay competition (BSSC). I was also selected as one of 5 filmmakers in the East of England for the Mini Digi's. I have extensive commercial experience after spending many years working as a "chip" designer, working on a wide range of mostly world first products including some of the first work on GPS and Bluetooth. I won awards for my work. I also ran my own engineering company for many years which was extremely successful. With this real world experience in a very competitive field, I'm able to approach film from a commercial as well as from an aesthetic angle. To me, both sides are important.

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