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Shooting People
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Nag Vladermersky

Film Festival

Great Britain , London

Current Work Details

What I do

Festival director, programmer, curator


London International Animation Festival


Where I work

I run my own company or organisation

Shooters Q&A

Films I wish I had made

Un Chien Andalou

I cried watching

Father and daughter (animation by Michael Dudok Le Wit), The Last of England (Derek Jarman)

I left the cinema during

The Company by Robert Altman

Directors I love

Terry Gilliam, Jan Svankmajer, Nicolas Roeg, The Coen Bros, Scorsese, Rob Altman, Derek Jarman

Actors I admire

Tilda Swinton, Chris Eccleston, Nicolas Cage.

My desert island discs

First 3 albums by the Pogues, first Roxy Music Album, first three Eno albums, several Nick Cave records, John Cale "Helen of Troy", Elvis Costello "Blood and Chocolate"

Books I have given my friends

Phillip K Dick books

My death row meal

Bangers and mash, asparagus and sweet peas, treacle pudding and custard

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