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Stephen Potts

Great Britain, Scotland

About Me:

Where I work: I am an individual working from home
Technical Skills: Writer of published novels, prize-winning stage plays, screenplays, and radio drama

My Work and Credits:

Tommy Trouble (2000)

About: Illustrated novella for children aged 8-10. Adapted from short film screenplay


Fun stuff:

Films I wish I had made:

Baz Luhrman: Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare in Love, Memento, Sexy Beast, Chinatown

I cried watching:

In the Mood for Love, The English Patient

I left the cinema during:


Directors I love:

Robert Altman, Anthony Minghella

Actors I admire:

Ian Bannen, Helen Mirren, Peter Mullen, Bill Nighy, Ralph Fiennes, Judy Dench, Nicole Kidman

Writers I Respect:

Anthony Minghella, Aaron Sorkin, Tom Stoppard, Robert Towne, William Goldman, Stephen King,

My desert island discs:

Everything by Spiritualised, Everything by Tindersticks

Books I have given my friends:

House of God, Compass Murphy, The Old Man and The Sea

My death row meal:

I don't think I'd be hungry

The best thing I own:

My dogs (but ownership's not the right word)