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Short Dystopian Film Project

Hi all,
I launched my first crowdfunding campaign last week for a short dystopian project I am working on which was inspired by Netflix's documentary 'The Great Hack.'
I'd love to chat to anyone about their experiences of successful, or unsuccessful, crowdfunding campaigns if anyone was up for comparing notes! It's been quite the baptism by fire...
And if you like the look of the project, a tweet or share or post with the link is ever so much appreciated :)

(writer and co-producer 'A.R.P.U.)

  • Hi Lily! I crowdfunded for two short films. The first one had a 6k budget while the second one was "only" 2k. I can tell you from experience that 95% of the money will come from people you know. Mostly close friends and family, but make sure to text those relatives that you only see at Xmas too and talk to them about the project in simple terms (e.g. explain your connection to the story and why it's important for you to realise it). Don't be worried about small donations as they do add up very quickly! I've looked at the Indiegogo page and it looks great! But, again, I think only 10% actually bother reading or care about the rewards (especially if they're not into filmmaking per se). The important thing is that you take the time to tell your friends and fam about it in person so that there's that personal connection. Hope this helps!

    6 months ago
    • Hi Alessia! Thank you this is really encouraging - so far I would say it has been the same, a good 90-95% from friends and family, and I was slightly concerned that I was missing a trick or hadn't hit the tone of it right - but it is really good to know that has been your experience too. And interesting about the rewards and content, I must admit the most popular things has simply been tickets to the screening and not the merchandise kind of perks at all, which surprised me... Amazing, thank you so much for taking the time to repsond, I really appreciate it! Going to send out some more of those messages to the extended family! Best, Lily

      6 months ago
  • Good luck I hope you get funding and project!

    6 months ago
  • Hi Lily, great idea! I don't have much experience in terms of crowdfunding, however, if you find yourself in need of a london based editor, I'd be more than happy to help! Regards Stephen

    6 months ago
    • Amazing! Thank you so much, we currently are in negotiations with someone, but if it doesn't go their way I'll be in touch! And if not, there may be something in the futue :)

      6 months ago
  • There's been many posts about crowdfunding on SP. I've contributed a few myself. Contributers have give Long, in depth and experienced missives that go so very much further than in this conversation so far.

    It's time SP index became more nuanced. So much valuable material wasted because it's buried beyond any reasonable effort to recover.

    What I would say is that there's a number of examples to consider and any one or two or a dozen experiences ought not be taken to be a generality.

    As always, the bottom line is, why would complete strangers want to fund ones film ?

    Complete strangers have funded film projects into the many hundreds of thousands, and not for trinkets or spurious credits. The hardest crowds to garner are for projects that are solely arts fiction without social purpose. The biggest crowds respond to films that carry meaning and purpose.

    Whilst Internet based crowd funding platforms can provide very useful functions, other campaigns linked to them are essential.

    Understanding the Long Tail Business Model is beneficial.

    6 months ago
  • Having said all that Lily, your dystopian project sounds great. It's the sort of thing that could be 'fettled' into a socially compelling crowd funder. The ultra low budget which you've almost achieved kind of makes the issue of crowd funding, although of significant interest too many, somewhat hypothetical in your case ?

    6 months ago
    • Hi John, Thank you for your feedback and thoughts, I appreciate you taking the time to respond and it raised some interesting thoughts! With regard to it being somewhat hypothetical in my case, to be honest, when I wrote that post I didn't know how much attention we would get on the crowdfunding campaign so it escalated quicker than I thought! But I was interested to know mostly if indeed it is normally friends and family or if I was doing something wrong, or if there were things I was missing. Also, this is only part of our budget as I secured 50% through private funding before deciding to embark on crowdfunding before to raise another percentage of it. Ideally I'd have raised more through private investment but as a first attempt it is turning out to be very much a learning curve! I hope I would be more successful funding via that method in future with what I have learnt this time round...

      5 months ago