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Is Indie Film Producer Still a Job?

We launched our TITAN screenwriting awards recently and conducted an interview with one of our three judges, Sicario producer Ed McDonnell.

He said something interesting at one point on the migration of the mid-budget movie to TV...

"My best movies are that mid-level studio picture and they’re not making those anymore. So those stories tend to go to television now."

But further on from that he said something perhaps more stark and revealing...

"I mean, if you’re trying to make a $40 million movie right now, good luck! More and more indie producers are going to Netflix."

It provokes an interesting question - is indie film producer still a job? Or are the streamers/TV the only way in?

  • hi, NETFLIX, take yr film when is already shoot ., most of the time

    4 months ago
  • Indie producers can get HBO (Canal+ and other tv channels) as investors. Cinematic Indie films still get made, and I have seen dozens recently at my local cinema.

    I can recommend The Dog That Wouldnt Shut Up, Berliner, and a Hungarian one about hooligans that I don't know the English name for. I doubt any has a budget over five million. Just go to the cinema or a good film festival, you will find enjoyable films.

    I don't watch Netflix. Netflix is for old people who still listen to eighties music and share bucket lists on Facebook.

    4 months ago
    • Nothing against old people, or eighties music there. I just wanted to say that Netflix is not the only game in town and that most indie films are lower budget than that. From the point of view of someone who likes to watch movies, indie films are alive and well.

      4 months ago
  • I did Netflix for about a month and found it exceedingly unappetising. Didn't like their idiotic "thumbs-up, thumbs-down" rating system thing, their tedious "choice" of films or their needy "we miss you" emails after cancelling my account. What else …? Oh yeah, An animator whose stuff I like was invited to some meetings with them a while back after they expressed an interest in his work. He went to LA several times (from England) and was apparently just left waiting all day in a room somewhere on each occasion and gave up eventually.

    4 months ago