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Getting work when based outside of London

First time poster on here, but been on SP for a few months now. I'm an editor based up in Liverpool and was wondering, why does everything have to be London-centric? I've applied for editing positions on here and while most of the time I never receive a reply, the odd time I do get a response, it's always the same thing; "We're looking for someone London based".

I get that most of the work is down in London and that the directors want to sit in on the edit, but there is plenty of talent in all departments all over the country and to me it just seems that people outside of London are overlooked. The few projects I have worked on with London based film makers have gone fine in terms of showing up to date cuts and sharing files with the likes of Frame i.o and Google drive.

Is that the case or I am paranoid? It's just a frustrating feeling to think that you maybe out of the running for work, purely on location.

  • Some people like to manage people face to face. If the project is being managed from London (and so many are), that person would want a London editor in case they thought it might need meetings.

    The one who is good enough and close wins over the good enough and non local.

    If you want Londoners to hire you, you need to think about yourself as exporting your services to London.

    ProTip - it's not unusual to rent at MailBoxes are us and pretend to be in London. "I divide my time between London and Liverpool". Ok, so it's London one day every two months, but did say equally? :-)

    7 months ago
  • On the upside, you have Salford more accessible than most of us - perhaps that's where you could find your niche?

    7 months ago
  • Of course London plus surrounding home counties have always been a key base but I was in Liverpool recently catching up with colleagues from my BROOKSIDE days in the 80s and 90s and I had the impression there was quite a lot happening there and in the North, including Moving On, Hollyoaks and Emmerdale across the Pennines and a whole new studio project, as well as the Salford basE for BBC and ITV and no doubt occasional feature films. I know the hunt can be frustrating but good luck with the search.

    7 months ago
  • Hi Tim, I thought you would find work at the giant Media City UK complex around Salford Quays, Manchester. ITV and the BBC film there. According to Wikipedia (v. trustworthy ;) Coronation Street is filmed there. BBC departments inc. Sport, CBBC, Radio 5 Live, Research and the North/North West are based there.

    I'm based in London so that's all I know so far.

    7 months ago