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Screen on VR Platform Cinema

Our team have just built the world’s first fully functioning cinema on a VR platform. The reasons seem obvious to us.
VR is not just about gaming. You’ll all know there are a number of VR platforms offering a range of VR experiences, Casinos, DJ sets, Galleries, etc. EE Sports just hosted their last global event in VR. The VR market is exploding. So we built the Cinema.
By screening in a metaverse the aim is to bring together a global new audience and the opportunity to interact with other creatives in a way ‘likes’ on Youtube never will.
If you want to find out more about screening your film(s) let me know. Perhaps a film that has completed its festival run and is now languishing on Vimeo. Let me know. I will send you a link to the cinema on the VR platform.
Any genre or length, we have time and space with 46 metaverses. Though sadly we haven’t cracked the VR popcorn problem yet.

  • Interested.... can you send detail to

    1 month ago
  • Interested.... can you send detail to

    1 month ago
  • Hi Steve, I'd like more info and want to share this with other filmmakers. Can you DM please?

    1 month ago
  • Tony

    Sent you a DM

    1 month ago
  • Hi Steve, is your VR cinema available on Oculus?

    4 weeks ago
    • Hi Kal
      Forgive the delayed reply - a busy few days.

      The cinema has been built on the Decentraland VR platform. Started the build 2 years ago with $200 million. You can visit as a guest (link below). There are masses of things being built on the site, casinos, inevitably, and Atrai just teamed up with them to play games. But there are conference centres, cafes, music venues, temples and so on. Like every VR platform (including FaceBook's Horizon) they are all in development. So Take a visit and look around. Current build is on Unity so the upgrade to 'game quality' will follow as the build continues.

      Once had a look around email me and I'll fill you in further on the project.

      4 weeks ago
  • Hi Steve!

    Thanks for sharing this! I am very interested :)
    I will send you an email!


    4 weeks ago