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Anyone from the Medway Towns in Kent want a MEET-UP?

I just want to find out if there's anyone here on SP who live in the Medway Towns (or the surrounding areas) who would be up for attending a meet-up for a coffee and a chat?
Most are in London but I'm tired of the long 2-3 hour round trips so want to see if there's any interest for a local meet-up.
It's open to all; actors, all crew types and interested parties who have a common interest.
Might be nice to have a quick meet up before Christmas or if that’s too soon we can meet up in the new year.
Feel free to comment or give me a private message. Many thanks.

  • Hi Philip, Not in the Medway Towns but still very much up for a meet-up in the next week or so, let me know when you have a breakfast window free in the next week or so please? Planning to shoot my next feature in May next year hopefully our shooting dates won't clash so that we will be available to help eachother out on our projects?
    Regards Ray

    9 months ago
    • Hi Ray, absolutely. I will drop you another email. Planning to shoot in Feb or March so could be good.
      Speak shortly.

      9 months ago