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Shooting People
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New Start-Up Independent Film Production Company: ABMI Films

Hello, Fellow Filmmakers! I just wanted to go ahead and share the news that I'm starting a new independent film production company called ABMI Films! Part of why I wanted to do this was because there isn't enough prominent independent film production companies out there, so I wanted to make one that fills that void some. Also, I think the forming of this company would be an excellent way to help revive the current largely stagnant state of filmmaking as a whole. It's through difficult times that we really need to band together and keep pushing to create beautiful films!

Anyone who's interested in becoming a part of this as filmmakers are welcome to! Since it's still in rather early stages of formation, any and all support and collaboration would be wonderful! I'll leave the official email of the company down below for those interested in helping nurture a new haven for independent filmmaking! Hope to hear from many filmmakers around the world!

Jacob Minor