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Would anyone kindly please recommend me to a Directors Agent/cy

Would anyone kindly please recommend me to a Directors Agent/cy

Attached is a Vimeo link to an eight minute psychological horror film entitled "Afraid of the Dark" (one of six that will make up the forthcoming British Indie feature "Run Hide Tell" (2018). I would really very much like to find personal representation, if anyone finds the time to watch and they like what they see would they kindly please recommend me to a Directors agent/cy
Thank you for your time one and all.
Kindest regards Ray Brady

  • Hi Ray,

    Quality representation usually follows people wanting to give you money (so the agent can take 15%). I know a chap who's got 5 distributed feature directors credits and who's finding it a slow process to get (good) representation, so if it takes a while to come, don't feel downhearted!

    1 year ago
  • Hi Paddy, Many, many thanks for your kind words of support, really very greatly appreciated. It's just so frustrating, for example a friend once had the ear of a producer on a major action TV drama series, I forwarded my showreel and was called in for an interview. I had only recently finished post on an action martial-arts science-fiction feature (a pilot with great franchise potential as a returnable TV series), so had I loads of combat, stunts including high falls and car jumps and crashes along with explosions and stuntmen on fire material, the producer said that he really loved my work, I momentarily was very excited before he said but...his job was on the line with the Production Company that he worked for so he was simply going to get ICM to send along a bunch of their directors and he would go with one of them thereby covering himself if anything went wrong. He even then suggested that I simply go and get signed up with ICM and if so he would employ me no problem whatsoever....ahhhh...the old Chicken Egg scenario!

    1 year ago
  • Oh it's very chicken/egg, and not even faintly fair.

    The whole agency landscape here is becoming more and more to package cast and creatives - so a director can ask their agent to package some cast and the whole package go to studios/investors. You may find that taking cast from a particular agent a while will open the conversation with that agent for representation. And good luck. Stick with it...

    1 year ago
  • Hola Paddy, many thanks for that, I agree completely with what you say about agents "packaging" films. My interest though is finding a way to get put up for consideration for TV episodes here in the UK. Will stick with it though, have been hammering on the door now for twenty five years and I don't intend to stop.

    1 year ago
  • Morning,
    Well apart from Paddy's comments I've had no other replies on this thread now in over three weeks so
    for any interested Shooters I found this helpful advice on a website this morning:

    "How to Get an Agent: Directors
    For potential directors, getting an agent is actually not all that difficult (if you're talented). If you're a legitimate director (meaning, you've actually directed something that you can send out as material), many agents will be willing to add you to their roster to see whether or not your work sparks with the executives they deal with.

    Agents that represent directors learn the type of genre and tone that their existing directors are capable of directing and will usually seek out those projects that suit those needs. So, the trick here is to become a part of that list.

    You need to start this process by first compiling a Directors Reel. Your reel should have snippets of everything you've directed to date so that anyone watching it will see that you have the following qualifications:

    Talent: Talent with regard to directing means you need to showcase your abilities to find certain types of shots, get the most out of your actors and the ability to put your own visual spin (or "voice") on whatever the subject matter might be.
    Technical Skills: You need to show that you have the ability to get the shot coverage you need to effectively tell a story as well as the ability to direct the editing process to achieve complete and well-rounded scenes.
    Proper Tone: If you're putting yourself out there as a comedy director, but you can't visually relate a scripted joke, then you might not be well suited for your job of choice. Your reel needs to showcase both the type of work you're capable of as well as the voice you use to show it.
    One important thing to remember when making your directors reel is to be sure that you don't overload it. Simply add those pieces of material that best showcase your directing talents -- and keep the entire reel under 5 minutes if possible. If you wish to include full episodes or movies, be sure to do so AFTER your initial five-minute sample. Anything longer and chances are good there will be few if any executives and producers who will watch the entire thing and not get to the parts you want them to see.

    Keep in mind that getting an agent is not the impossible task it can often seem to be. You need to have extreme patience during this process, but that doesn't mean that you sit around waiting for an agent to suddenly discover you and your talents. Get out there and show off what you do and let the agents come and find you."

    Above found on:

    Personally, I haven't cut a reel in nearly ten years now. I think that this may be my problem, will do so now and then hit all the main agencies one more time.


    1 year ago