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Shooting People
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Short film/animation collaboration

I am a sound professional looking to expand my portfolio and would like to to work with an animator or short film producer requiring music/ foley sound. Feel free to message me regarding the potential opportunity or on the topic of sound itself. All welcome

  • Voice actors and scriptwriters also interested in collaboration with animators & sound designers.

    1 year ago
  • Hello Reuben, i have an animation project for which I need a music and foley talent but initially I need a director and storyboard artist on a collaboration basis for one minute rap song. The real need for sound and foley will be for our next stage of making a pilot or teaser.
    Let me know if you know any director and storyboard artist so I can bring together to add visual to our rap song. After that you can get involved in the next project.

    11 months ago
    • Hey Reuben, just serendipitously came across this post! I'm a composer by trade, if you're still on the look out for music feel free to get in touch, here's my site:, all the best x

      10 months ago