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Any shooters part of Berlinale Talents this year?

Hi everyone,

As some of you may know, the 2018 Belinale Talents programme (as part of Berlin Film Festival) is coming up next month. It attracts filmmakers from all over the globe who want to network, collaborate and learn about the latest issues in the world of film.

I was wondering if any shooters have been selected for it? If so, it'd be great to connect you guys on here so you can say hello and have a pal when you're out there.

Post in if that's you!


  • Hi Helen, Nice to meet you over email. My name is Chiara Armentano, and I am replying to this discussion because I have been selected for the Berlinale Talent this year. I will be in the General Summit, but also in the Editig Studio since I am a film editor. Would love to be in touch with other Talents ! Thanks.

    1 year ago
  • Hi Chiara - thanks for posting in. Well done on your selection for Berlinale Talents.

    Shooters - let Chiara know if you'll also be in town.

    1 year ago