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Scriptwriter Roundtable/Writing Group

Hey all
Nice to meet you.

Just a quick one; I know there are many 'lets starts a group' groups, but just in case this one hasn't been touched on or it kickstarts it...

I would love to have a monthly meet up group with some other screenwriters just to chat the breeze and discuss our progress of work, as well as critiquing one another's scripts - is this something anyone else would be interested in??

I'm based just off the A3 - happy to go half an hour either way if there's a good spot - so between Kingston and Portsmouth is pretty easy for me.

I know quite often people further south struggle to make it to things if they're in London but have ties nearer home so if this helps? For example Southampton based - happy to make it in south sea so it's kinda central.

JUST A THOUGHT - would be great to hear form anyone interested.

  • Hi Graham,

    Thanks for suggesting the meetup!

    I'm up for this if more people are! I'm based in Woking/Guildford area so hopefully that's not too far for you or anyone else.

    Many thanks


    9 months ago