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Shooting People
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Short Film Collabs in NorthWest, Midlands, Manchester area

I have recently graduated from university studying Film, and I would like to kickstart my postgraduate application by making a couple of films. I have two short film scripts in the early first draft stages. I'm looking to turn them into films next year and see how they do. Looking for a collaboration (either co-directing or cinematography) who are also looking to build up their filmmaking experience. I live in Cheshire, so someone who ideally lives close would be super helpful. If you are interested, drop me and email and I can tell you more about the projects and myself!
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  • Hi Linda,

    You should hook up with the guys at Filmonik in Manchester:

    Loads of collaboration and screening opportunites, as well as week-long filmmaking marathons. It's about the best thing going in the NW for those kinds of opportunites.

    Mention my name if you get in touch.



    12 months ago
  • Hi there Linda

    I also live in Cheshire (Middlewich) and am always looking for collaboration projects. I am an ex corporate filmmaker and DOP who has returned to my initial role as composer and sound designer but looking to work in any role on collaborative projects. Give me a shout.



    PS I can also vouch for filmonik being a great place to head up to as well,

    12 months ago
  • Hello Linda and Neil,
    I am a screenwriter who lives in Cheshire (Northwich) and have made five short films. These can all be seen on YouTube at:
    I'm always interested in collaboration.

    12 months ago