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Best Online Magzines for articles teaching and talking about filmmaking?

Hi, what magazines do people read these days..? You know the sort that would include articles discussing practices, strategies etc. I used to read loads but sort of lost track of the decent ones recently.

  • I've always enjoyed reading American Cinematographer and Moviemaker Magazine, both have digital versions as well. Very informative, I've learned so much, both technically and conceptually reading these publications over the years.

    3 weeks ago
    • Thanks Jake, I'm not familiar with Moviemaker Magazine so that's a great suggestion.

      2 weeks ago
  • Pro Moviemaker is good, too... quite orientated towards the kit side of filmmaking. I've seen digital/online versions of the printed mag. For videos, here are three suggestions: Or

    3 weeks ago

    Learn by watching great work!

    3 weeks ago