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Documentary collaboration


I come from a background of television research (and some film). I have wanted to develop ideas of mine for a while but work has always got in the way. I am changing that now.. I am trying to develop a few documentaries/ideas.

My question is this. Are there any decent networking events/forums out there in order to meet others who are developing ideas of their own and who want to meet others in the same position? I am an ideas man, but I do work best bouncing ideas off other people. it is sometimes pretty hard to critique/be objective about your own ideas/work. Are there other people who would be interested in either helping each other out in developing their ideas or collaborate on projects (specifically documentary).

Get in touch if means something to you!



  • Come to our networking event tonight.
    We are creating opportunities for collaboration among documentarists, as well as writers and makers of fictional work.

    Tues 12 Nov 2013 6:30 for 7
      BrewDog Shoreditch | Craft Beer Bar  51-55 Bethnal Green Road, London , Bethnal Green , E1 6LA
    Admission free

    6:30pm   Greeting/doors      

    7pm Screening of Gina Telaroli's Traveling Light: 
    8pm onwards  Networking: "Art * Film * Casting * Collaboration"

    5 years ago
    • Hi, Sadly I cannot make it tonight but I will email to get on your mailing list and hopefully come to the next event.

      5 years ago
  • Hi Will,

    The Shooting People bulletins and forums (like this) are a great way to reach out to other documentary filmmakers. I also suggest you come along to one of our Shooters in the Pub events ( Also, I highly recommend the bi-monthly London event Doc Heads ( which is exactly the kind of thing you're looking for.

    Best of luck!


    5 years ago
  • Hi Will. Be happy to chat. I've just finished a feature documentary called Iboga Nights. Successfully crowdfunded the project (first time I'd tried that) and now looking at getting it into film festivals. Done a few broadcast docs too and there are links on my profile page.
    You can email me at: or add me on Facebook if you like. Always happy to speak to fellow documentarians! Good luck with your plans whatever.

    5 years ago
  • Hi Will.

    As Helens says Doc Heads is the organisation that you are looking for. Our next event in on Thursday 12th Dec you can sing up to our mailing list here, also find us on Facebook & twitter. Where you can chat with our members online as well. if you want to know more you can email me

    5 years ago
  • Hi Will, Sixsixty are holding a networking night on the 28th Nov at 7pm - great western studios (65 Alfred Road W2) cinema gallery - you are welcome to come to this free event- as a Production company we are always looking to meet like minded film makers who we can work with. Hope to see you there.

    5 years ago
    • Hi Monica, I will definitely try to make that. Thanks.

      5 years ago