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Short film to be converted to DCP Format

My short film all of 5 mins and 12 seconds has been accepted into a film festival in the States they have requested it be sent in a DCP format, anyone know where I can have this done at a reasonable rate please needs to be sent quite soon, the previous editor I used did this for me once before but sadly he has had a bereavement in the family and is not in communication

    • Hi Paddy I am quite technically challenged so I have decide to go with a company that will do this all for me at least I know the film will arrive in the right format but thank you for answering

      11 months ago
  • If you download the free version of DaVinci Resolve you can either use EasyDCP or Kakadu to create a DCP. EasyDCP requires a bought license, Kakadu is free. All the settings you need are on the Deliver page.

    If the festival asks for it on a Linux formatted drive, you can sign up to the Cinematiq service for a month:

    Cinematiq also runs validation tests on the DCP.

    More info here:

    11 months ago
    • Im very technically challenged so decided to go with a company to do the work for me

      11 months ago
  • If you have Adobe Premiere Pro, there's a DCP converter built-in - Wraptor. You can output up to 2K size with it. However, for 4K, you will need to rent / buy the full version. I used Wraptor last year to make a 4K DCP of a 30 minute film. Very easy to do and the result was perfect - I saw it projected on a 4K West End cinema screen. The full version cost me £100 to rent for a month, but, like I said, the 2K version is bundled free within Premiere.

    Here's a video concerning Wraptor within Premiere Pro:

    Or you could explore the link Paddy gave and see if any of the various free converters out there are tempting.

    11 months ago
    • Hi Alwyne I don't have the equipment needed, I don't do my own editing so in the end I went with a company to do the work for me but thanks for your advice

      11 months ago
  • Hi Moira,

    We can convert the DCP and to provide the downloadable link for you for distribution at £40 ex.VAT and if you would like to have the link active for a year, the cost is £50 ex.VAT, this rate includes the SP discount.

    I do not recommend the Wraptor plug-in as it is not fully compliant and could have issues with some Cinema servers.

    To get the fully compliant DCP, I would recommend the professional service.

    Please contact / 07738470546 Madis

    11 months ago
  • Thanks Madis, I am quite pushed for time so have gone with a company in London to do the work for me

    11 months ago
    • No Problem, We are based in central London btw. Good luck with your film.

      11 months ago