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Shooting People
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How I Made a Successful Feature Film for only $6,000

I made my first feature-length film (a thriller called "Bad is Bad") for $6k, but despite its tiny budget it went on to get over 7M views online, and earn back it's budget many times over. I've had a lot of people ask me questions about how we pulled it off, so I broke down the major factors in this video.

I think anyone who's been making short films for a while and is considering taking a step up into the world of features should do it! As I explain in the video, you don't have to spend a fortune to make a movie (and if it's your own money, you definitely shouldn't).

A feature is a totally different animal from short films, and making one is highly educational and incredibly satisfying. I hope this video encourages some people here to go for it. Hit me up here or in the YT comments if you have any questions I didn't answer.

  • Dudeeee! This is just what indie filmmakers need- congrats and keep going!

    4 weeks ago
    • Thanks, glad you found it helpful!

      4 weeks ago
  • This was really interesting and encouraging, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences with the second feature...

    4 weeks ago
    • Thanks Ed, and yes I'll definitely do a follow up video on that soon!

      4 weeks ago
  • Duuuude,

    Well done. Some good tips there.

    Getting a location is probably the hardest, and it definitely helps to know somewhere you can shoot for free/cheap, and write the script around that. It then forces your brain to come up with creative solutions.
    I just wrote a script about a shark attack, that could only be filmed in a pool at night (an don't at sea), so that took a bit of problem solving. But now it's just been shot, for the same budget as yours, in a week!
    Goes to show what you can do with a bit of thought and planning.

    4 weeks ago
    • That's brilliant! Shooting in a week is really impressive but makes a feature so much more manageable when the people involved have full time jobs to work around. Congratulations, I'd love to see your film when it's complete.

      4 weeks ago
  • Great post; would you be interested in speaking at the Queens World Film Festival about your film, how you made it and discuss indie distribution? If so, do please drop me an email (

    4 weeks ago
  • I did something very similar, but I only spent a couple of hundred pounds. I agree, it was very difficult to make, but opened up lots of doors.
    It's here if anyone is interested:
    After a year of it being online, I wrote this:

    Sorry if I just stole your post, but thought it was relevant.

    4 weeks ago
    • Wow thanks for sharing, I didn't know any other examples of no-budget films getting into the millions on Youtube. And despite being different genres our view count and subscriber numbers are really close, very interesting. Can't wait to watch!

      4 weeks ago