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Shooting People
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Offering mutual script-reading and feedback

I'm an experienced short film producer and director looking to share script feedback with other writers. In a world where feedback services are overpriced and of questionable value, perhaps the answer is payment in kind!? To any writers, producers or developers out there with experience at least with produced short films, shout and let's do each other a favour.

  • I'd suggest you check out script pitch. Some of the writers there ask for feedback (and there are good scripts to read.) If you're ready to pitch your script there, you can put "feedback" under what you want. Or, you can offer feedback to those who asked for it, and some will offer to do the same.

    Also, there's a great TV writing course by MCU on coursera (none of the nonsense, just straight down to writing), where other students give you feedback on your pitch and script. Some of the best feedback I ever got on a pitch.

    11 months ago