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Film Funding 100%

We will fund films above $5m (equiv in £) - we work with a private finance fund, who require at least 30% in cash. We are able to bring in the 30% cash to films that meet the agenda.

The fund does not do War Films and Horror Films.

The fund that we deal with does fund feature films: and have operated and worked with world class studios for the last 40 years - including Disney, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, BBC, Cosgrove Hall, Chapman Entertainment and CHF Entertainment.

We work with a Sales agent is you need one.

If you do not have the full spec - we can help you get it together - if you have cast involved or you must have most of the package in and a promo sheet.

If you have none of those, we may still consider your project.

We will consider all films, even if the film is not in English.

We have also an interest in funding Bollywood films.

My email is

  • Thanks for the update Lawrence.
    Would you please clarify the difference between the 100% funding stated in the header of your message and the 30% cash referred to in the text?

    1 year ago
    • John I am working in a team - the fund does 30/70 of films that are above $5m - we can bring in the other 30% funding, if there is no funding available.This of course will depend on the film script / cast and synopsis.

      For films that are below this amount and under £3m there is the possibility of getting 100% funding, but this is not promised - it depends on the conversation that we have with you.

      1 year ago
  • Ought that be 'between' 30% and 100% ?

    1 year ago
  • Thanks again Lawrence. That's clear now.

    70% possible for films budgeted over $5m from one fund and another 30% possible, making 100% from another source or perhaps parallel arrangement?

    A different arrangement of up to 100% is possible for lower budgeted projects under £3m?

    Is that right?

    1 year ago
  • It is right - these are essentially funds and private individuals. However the film has to a good fit.

    1 year ago
  • I imagine that the fitness of a film according to the criteria of funders and anyone else who may wish to be involved is a given.

    Likewise the fitness of funders and those others to be involved with producers and their films must also be compatible with criteria of projects.

    The fund that Lawrence sources requires prescriptive ethics subject to the funders subjective views. Perhaps only a U or PG censorship rating. It's a clear market even if not one that reflects reality. In that world, for example, is war and strife without swearing and the realistic portrayal of suffering deemed acceptable? Or are the funders seeking only projects that are suitable for audience that might include very small children?

    1 year ago
  • Hi Lawrence

    When I looked into this previously I was under the impression the fund was solely geared towards family films but is this no longer the case?

    Except of course no horror and war films that you mention above...

    1 year ago
    • Hi Richard, thanks for your input - since we were last in contact I went out to Llundudno and was on the beach with the metal detector and found more money.

      1 year ago
  • Lawrence's funding potential will be an opportunity for some film makers and I hope it will be a happy and successful thing for those who discover mutually agreeable purpose, especially if it provides a breakthrough for a member here who might otherwise never get the chance.

    For my little outfit though I'm grateful that we don't have to jump through other folks hoops or be subject to the moral, religious or political dogmas of anyone other than our own. Nor do we need the capital structures of bankers, big business or the prescriptions of worthy institutions. Sadly for the present, most purely entertainment features without any other purpose, still depend on those things. I imagine that until a viable mechanism is created that allows crowd funders to take a meaningful business interest in the production and distribution of such films, that won't change quite yet. Right now though, projects that inspire the aspirational support of crowd funders already can and do.

    It's so exciting on so many levels.

    1 year ago
  • Seedrs is based on that principle John Lubron, investors have shares in the project but they don't seem to do films! More's the pity.

    1 year ago
  • The challenge for everyone is sustainable viability. Unless one is a hobbiest with another source of income there's usually a limit to making shorts and features that rely upon VOD type revenues. Until someone devises a truly viable alternative distribution platform, that'll almost certainly be Internet based, and significantly different from anything we've seen yet, currently the only truly sustainable and viable systems are crowd funding and other fully front loaded productions. I can't see any form of distribution that relies on viewers to pay for the privilege of seeing someone's pet arts or entertainment project other than through the current mogul cartels. Inevitably there's going to be some ground breaking distribution and monitising structures based on new forms of commercial and institutional financing (advertising linked to bums on seats and the long tail business model). For fiction drama the creative and technical quality demanded will still need to be high. The mitigation for producers though is that production costs are going to fall conciderably as smarter and less demanding technologies emerge and traditional disproportionately high budget elements evaporate. Contrary to dogmas of the recent past, audience's are not so much concerned with mega buck actors as they are with great stories that respect their intelligence and make the suspense of credibility easily achieved. It's an evolutionary thing.

    1 year ago
  • Are you still accepting scripts? I have one that already has most of the cast and a director attached.

    12 months ago
  • I would like Action Movie scripts please - funding to £5m and above found.

    I am interested in Medical/ mental health scripts from £5000 to £3m.

    11 months ago
    • Hi, does time period matter with the action? As in does it have to be set in modern times, or can it be set a few decades ago etc? Thanks

      11 months ago