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I have just set up a new peer-to-peer marketplace website (similar to Airbnb) for film locations. It allows anyone to register their home/shop/shed/boat as a location to hire out to film and television companies.

Its very early days yet but it is and always will be free to join and list a location. Use the site as a 'HOST' and list locations or as a 'CLIENT' and search for your perfect filming location.

  • It's a good idea. It'll take quite a lot of promotion to be valuable, and I'd add a geographical search/filter too, but it is a nice model to look at

    2 years ago
    • Thanks Paddy, we have added geographical search filter now and will continue to update the website. It's very early days right now. As for promotion any word of mouth promo would be hugely appreciated.
      We need to get the word out, for both filmmakers to join - but also for hosts to add locations to make it beneficial to filmmakers.

      1 year ago
  • Indeed, one for kit and interesting props people own could be a useful extension. Want a severed forearm? Got one! Hazer, wireless pinspots, DMX moving heads, yep! These are the kind of things that can add production value cheaply for people, but that not everyone knows how to go and hire from the big suppliers at commercial rates.

    Just a thought

    2 years ago
    • on it. We will have a sister company just as soon as GETset is rating better!

      1 year ago
  • Cool idea, thanks for the heads up about sharetribe too, didn't realise there was a whitelabel product as good as that.

    What's the insurance situatiin, with it then, does each of your hosts take out insurance or the clients? How is it verified?

    2 years ago
  • Great idea, I really hope it is a success as we all benefit if it is. Paddy's ideas for prop / kit sharing are great too.

    2 years ago
  • Great idea. We've been using AirBnb for this for years and it doesn't get any easier to explain via message what we want to use their house for.

    2 years ago
  • I like this idea, too. Though, they really need to get the word out to expand this to other cities--Los Angeles, for a start! ; )

    Paddy, do you think Shooting People will ever get that prop database going? Seems like at least a couple of years since it was first brought up. I really think it would up their membership!

    2 years ago
    • We will be targettign LA as soon as we can. Right now the site is very young. Although we are allowing locations worldwide to list their locations to the site, we will be focusing our efforts on London for the main part at present.
      As for prop database (this is on our to do list and will become a baby sister of this GETset site).

      1 year ago
  • Ha Dan, I'm hoping they read this thread and that it rings bells and that they pretty much do what Jonny has done (use a whitelabel engine) as so much of the work has lareast been done, and Jonny's right that this is the right model to use. The days of a straight database/listing would have been right a couple of years back, but now it should be more self-serve

    2 years ago
  • nice idea but you need a decent search facility. Also the price bar, say 0 - 10,000 is that a day an hour? The properties are listed in hours - so I assume and hour? Could be great - not at the mo. Goodluck with it.

    2 years ago
    • Thanks Adam!
      Search facility is gradually getting better, We are ironing out bits and bobs as we go but needed a working site to let clients tell us how it could be better.
      We have now amended properties to be daily prices and so the price bar works on the same principle. We have also added a geographical search filter too.

      1 year ago
  • This looks great. Congrats on getting it set up, hope some of the improvements mentioned in here get implemented.

    Regarding this, and the prop database mentioned above. Building/Whitelabeling/implementing these sorts of databases have been discussed for SP, but as with the above, it's often the case that a single person or org dedicating themselves to the one specific service can do the best job, rather than us ending up spread thin on it.

    Ideally they'll be members, which we're happy to support. Some members set up a similar service for kit lending/sharing, which we've supported since it's launch.

    Thats at -


    1 year ago
    • Thanks Matt, any support would be hugely appreciated. We are currently pretty small and need to get the word out and more locations to be added but this needs promoting via all methods!!

      1 year ago
  • Hi guys!! Thanks for all the feedback. The site has been live for 1 week and is getting a half decent response. I just need to get the word out (advertising etc) which I need monies for. I will make sure I add all the improvements to my 'to-do' list.

    I'm currently working a day job (I work as a producer director for TV) and doing this in my spare time.

    Thanks again

    1 year ago
  • Great idea! I live in a converted Victorian mill so would like to add mine, but I'd want to know about insurance first? Is it a requirement for your users to have insurance for example?

    1 year ago
  • Well done Jonny, I really love it and will use it.
    One thing I would add at the back of the slider, is that the increments needs attention, it looks like it's jumping in increment of 22~ which is very small, perhaps 100, 200 and so forth
    Loving it

    1 year ago